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Our values

Integral development:
The experience of our company allows us to develop healthy and educational children's products destined to different points of sale and distribution (Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Cash & Carry, Amazon, NGOs). Always keeping in mind the concepts of child safety and national and international legislation, as well as the technical-scientific knowledge of our team, we develop innovative children's products at very competitive prices so that they reach all markets in the world without limitations.

We perform our work with enthusiasm and joy, placing above our capabilities a strength and an illusion that leads us to always improve.

We generate synergies through the union of all the individual and collective talents to obtain exceptional results.

Our actions and decisions are governed by respect, morality, loyalty, honesty and transparency in the pursuit of personal and organizational objectives. The needs of each distributor, without any geographical or size limitation, are also ours and we try to understand and support them, always giving the maximum of ourselves. The success of our distributor is also our success.

Our experience:
Our company was founded in 2000 and currently manufactures and exports to all countries in the world satisfying the most demanding markets. The health and growth of children is a very important issue in human life, as they guarantee the possibility of establishing satisfactory relationships with the environment and, therefore, improve personal achievements.
At Difresh, we have decided to make our own contribution by manufacturing and distributing our children's products, which are our best asset, in order to provide children from all over the world with an easier and more fun life.
Currently, our products are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world.


Our presence and participation in the National and International Market

We form alliances with all our distributors, generating confidence and security through the realization of packs of specific products for each distribution channel and country.
This allows us to build stronger and lasting relationships with our distributors and their end customers.


Click HERE to see the children's packs for supermarkets and to download the informative brochure.

Cash & Carry

Click HERE to find the party packs and children's birthdays for Cash & Carry and to download the informative brochure.

Pharmacies and stores

Click HERE to see the packs and exhibitors for pharmacies and stores and to download the informative brochure.

Our products are the result of our creativity and experience

You can find them in the Products Menu
What better detail than the birthday boy give a dental kit to his friends, sure love them and parents more. An original idea that prevents cavities!
Dental kits with 10 different colors
Pack 10 spoons 1 color model Aeroparty

Why distribute Difresh children's products?

Difresh children's products and packs are very original and attractive to all and above all: their designs are timeless and will never go out of style.
• They are aimed at a large consumer audience: all children from 3 to 10 years old.
Difresh children's products are patented worldwide.
• Our prices as manufacturers are among the lowest in the market, using exclusively high quality materials and respecting all European and international directives. Thanks to our competitive pricing policy, distributors around the world can achieve very high profit margins without making the product more expensive for the final consumer.
For this reason, Difresh children's products and packs can be distributed and sold in any country in the world and their price can always be adapted to the needs of the market and its final consumers.